Programme added

enjoy :)

(the structure is different than usual – lectures (the purple boxes :) will be held in the afternoon sessions and the workshops and roundtable discussions in the morning sessions. we’re sorry if this caused any confusion)

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2 Responses to Programme added

  1. Amélie Hérault says:

    Hi, could you give us more detailed information about the programme? Are there 2 presentations going on at the same time, or is there always only one? (because there is always 2 written in the same box). From what I understood, there is 2 presentations per session, each timing 45 minutes. Is that correct?

  2. ana says:

    paper presentations are held one at a time, and they should last cca. 20 minutes, plus 20-25 for the discussion. (the purple boxes)
    there are 2 workshops/roundtable discussions per session, so if they are written in the same box, they will be held at the same time. they can last up to 90 minutes.

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