Crazy Hill

Ludbreg is a small town of around 3500 inhabitants, situated in the north-western part of Croatia, halfway between Varazdin and Koprivnica. The area was first settled in preroman times, but the city itself dates back to the 14th century, when it was founded and named after crusader Lodbring (although there are more interesting legends regarding the origin of the name, one of them involving a mother accidentally dropping her newborn baby down the hill and shouting “Damn you, crazy hill!” – “ludi breg” translates as “crazy hill” in Croatian). Ludbreg became famous in the 16th century when, during a mass, wine allegedly turned into The Blood of Christ, making the town a popular place for pilgrimage. Today, it’s best known for being the center of the world (hence the Centrum Mundi in the banner). If you want to know why, you can read it here :)


We will be staying at hotel Amalia (depending on the number of participants, some of us might stay at the owner’s other hotel, Crnkovic, which is a 100 meters down the road). Amalia is perfectly located – the front is facing the main square (the center of the world), while the back exit will lead us across the  road and river Bednja to Otok (Island), a sort of park/forest with lakes, where we will move our presentations if the weather allows it.