How Do I Get There?


Unfortunately, we will not provide a bus from Zagreb to Ludbreg. Here is the timetable for the trains (there is no public bus to Ludbreg from Zagreb). Most of the lines are not direct and you have to change trains in Varaždin. Also, since Ludbreg is a relatively small station and the train doesn’t stay there for more than a minute, it would be good to ask the train officer to tell you when you have to get off the train (it’s the 5th or the 6th station from Varaždin, depending on the train). The fastest and the only direct line is the one at 16:20.

If you’ll need any help with finding the train, feel free to contact Lada who will be in Zagreb until 16:20, or Ana, who will be meeting you in Ludbreg.

You can check the timetable yourselves here, and the pricing info here (one way ticket from Zagreb costs cca €8, from Varazdin €2,5), and the return ticket Zagreb-Ludbreg-Zagreb is cca. €13).

train timetable



You can find the quickest/cheapest/etc. route on


Taking the train might be the best way to get to Croatia.  You can find the international timetable here, however, some departing stations are not listed, and there is no pricing information, so we recommend checking at you local train station or other railway websites, like Deutsche Bahn or Trenitalia.
Zagreb’s main station is called Glavni kolodvor.


There are several airports in Croatia, the closest one being in Zagreb. There are buses going from the airport to the city center hourly and after all major international arrivals, and the price is 30 kn (cca. 4€).

You could also travel by plain to Ljubljana, and then take the train to Zagreb.

Other Croatian airports are located in Osijek, Zadar, Pula, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik.